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Psychiatric & Psychological Services

Psychological Consultation and Assessment

PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES are provided by a Registered Psychologist, who is a clinician with Doctoral level training in the assessment and treatment of behavioural, emotional, and cognitive or difficulties. The Psychologist provides consultation to both the Community Program and the Residential Program at Children’s Mental Health Services (CMHS).

Consultation to Community and Mental Health Programs

A Psychological Consultation is requested by a CMHS’ Staff who requires further evaluation of the child or adolescent. In some situations, the CMHS’ staff might be concerned that a clinical disorder is present. In other situations, there might be concerns about a possible learning problem or disability. A consultation also might be requested to provide recommendations about treatment approaches.

A consultation often involves a clinical interview with the parents, child or adolescent, and the CMHS’ Clinician. In some situations, only the CMHS staff is present and presents an overview of the concerns. At the conclusion of the consultation session, the Psychologist provides her conclusions and treatment recommendations.

Consultation to Residential Program

The Psychologist visits Honeywell House twice monthly to provide on-site consultation services to staff and residents. The consultation service helps to clarify the residents’ needs and develop treatment goals. The consultation also includes broader aspects of the program, such as group treatment and evaluation of treatment effectiveness.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessments are useful when there is a need for an in-depth evaluation of one or more areas of psychological functioning; for example, learning problems, emotional concerns, and/or behavioural problems. This assessment includes a review of available background information (e.g., Report Cards, Individual Education Plan), clinical interviews with the parent and child or adolescent, and psychological testing. Oftentimes, the parents and the child’s teacher are asked to complete questionnaires to provide additional information. After the assessment procedures are completed, the Psychologist meets with the parents and the CMHS’ Staff to review the assessment findings, provide recommendations, and answer questions. A written report is provided that outlines the assessment findings and recommendations in detail.

Psychiatric Consultation

Psychiatric consultation service is provided by a Child Psychiatrist, who is a member of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Kingston General Hospital. The Psychiatrist consults to the Community and Residential Services of Children’s Mental Health Services (CMHS).

The Consultant provides psychiatric services to referral participants, including:

  1.  Psychiatric evaluations and assessments;
  2. Consultations to Children’s Mental Health Services’ Staff and Teams, and;
  3. Psychiatric treatment

The Psychiatrist has admitting privileges to the Child and Adolescent Unit at Kingston General Hospital.

CMHS co-ordinates all appointments which occur at the Belleville Office, one day per month. The consulting Psychiatrist is supported by CMHS staff prior to, during and after the consultation. The interview with the Psychiatrist usually involves the parent or guardian, child or youth and CMHS staff.

The consulting Psychiatrist provides a written report identifying her findings.

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