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Shelley and Jayme Hill

Shelley and Jayme are parents who have sadly been affected by the loss of a child to suicide. Shelley and Jayme Hill, parents of Cassidy and Evan, were devastated when Evan, aged 17, took his life on June 21, 2015. They described Evan as smart, athletic, popular, having lots of good, close, supportive friends. He was outgoing and often the centre of attention within his peer group. Those who really knew Evan, also knew how much he struggled with depression.

The Hills were not aware of the services available to them through CMHS, despite asking for help for their son, for many years within this community. The Hills were told Evan would grow out of his depression. Suicide was not foreseen.

“The stigma associated with mental health and suicide must be shattered; people shouldn’t suffer alone and be afraid to ask for help”, says Shelley.

The Hills have been active in their pursuit of system change. Since their son’s death, they, their daughter Cassidy and Evan’s best friend, Dawson Whyte, have been very active. Along with their friends and relatives, they have been raising awareness and funds, supporting CMHS in hopes that other youth realize….You’re Never Alone.

Shelley works within a local Daycare, continuing to focus her talent of caring for others in a meaningful way.

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